Thursday, 6 December 2012


The piece is written, the parts are learned, and the recital was played last night!

I'm happy with how it went - my piece came together really well and my performers were great to work with - thank you!! This recital went off with so much less stress than the last one - I felt more prepared, even though I felt like I prepared less - I suppose because it was a much smaller project, and because I was much easier on myself in terms of difficulty.
It was also great to hear everyone else's pieces - the final complete versions played by real live musicians... I know we were all scrambling to get things together, but everyone pulled it off really well - good work! I'm excited to hear the recording!

I just want to add one last note to say: thank you!! For all the feedback you gave throughout the semester, that good balance of constructive criticism and positive comments. It was a great class - and I look forward to next semester!

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